Resources to help you and teams grow better

People with a growth mindset develop a thrive mentality believing that the future holds greater potential to learn and grow their skills.

The Light We See [Short Film]

' ' 'The Light We See' is a powerful and affirming story of a father and daughter and their...

Seek Progress, not perfection!

“This is not your masterpiece! It’s a practice piece. You don’t have to be perfect. Keep going.”...

One Small Step

“I can’t even draw a straight line! How can I paint?” was my first response when my good friend Rie...

Post-COVID Challenges Every Leader Faces

Post-COVID Challenges Every Leader Faces

Supercharge Your Learning Power

‘Your learning ability decides your earning capacity’ - Nishant Kasibhatla

The truth about giving feedback

Yamini Rangan, CEO of Hubspot once said, “great leaders are great learners”.

Growth and Fixed Mindset Definition

Growth Mindset Definition The concept of a growth mindset was developed by...

Growth Mindset Parenting

A Guide to Parenting with a Growth Mindset Approach Prof. Carol Dweck’s...